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SF-425 initiative to combine recipient expenditure reports into a single system

Our goal

Our primary goal is to consolidate the financial reporting through the Payment Management System (PMS) as a single point of entry for recipients.. The revised process will enforce the appropriate validations and edits to automate the reconciliation between recipient payments, expenditures, and other SF-425 and FFR data points. We scheduled this transition to occur by October 2020.

The SF-425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) can be received in a variety of formats, with information being reported through multiple systems; the top portion of the SF-425 (quarterly Federal Cash Transactions Reporting) is submitted to the Payment Management System, and the remainder (annual expenditure reporting) is submitted to the awarding agency system, such as the Electronic Handbooks (EHB).

The concept of reporting the SF-425 information through a single entry point for recipients was first analyzed as part of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) Section 5 Grants Pilot. Results of this pilot suggested that a consolidated FFR would reduce recipient burden and allow recipients to report more timely and accurately on their grant expenditures.

The SF-425 initiative seeks to build upon the findings and recommendations of the pilot by expanding the functionality and associated uses across all Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS) awarding agencies.

The benefits

  • Grantees consistently report Ensure all financial data through one source.
  • Share reconciled financial data to the HHS grants management systems.
  • Assist with timely monitoring of the financial performance of the award and closeout of grants.
  • Reduction in expired award payments because system internal controls will prevent the grant recipient from withdrawing further funds beyond the liquidation period without submitting a revised Final FFR and agency approval.

PMS FFR functionalities

  • Ability to search FFRs based on specific criteria (e.g., PMS Payee Account Number, Grant Document Number, etc.).
  • Ability to upload supporting documentation.
  • Group Functionality
    • Grantees can certify multiple FFRs at the same time.
    • Grantees can print or download multiple reports at the same time.
  • Based on agency requirements, fields under section 10 can be set up as editable, non-editable, pre-populated, auto-calculated, or validating matching percent.

PMS User Roles and Responsibilities


  • Request access to FFR report.
  • View, Prepare, Revise and/or Certify FFR report on behalf of their organization.
  • Combining Authorities on the same account.
  • View Submission History.
  • Upload supporting documentation.

Agency Users:

  • Provide information to create FFRs in PMS.
  • Review (Approve or Reject) FFR report.
  • Run Compliance Reports.

PMS Staff:

  • Grant access to recipient and agency users based on the access request.
  • Create FFRs based on information provided by awarding agencies.
  • Provide operational support in filling and reviewing the report.

Scheduled HRSA Training

Recipient TA Calls


Call the PMS Help Desk Number at 877-614-5533 or email


PMS FFR User Guide
HHS ReImagine Initiative
ReInvent Grants Management


Have you heard? HRSA offers preventative Fiscal Technical Assistance to HRSA recipients

Over the past several years, our Division of Financial Integrity (DFI) has developed an initiative to provide proactive preventative Fiscal Technical Assistance (FTA) to HRSA recipients.

DFI has provided over 150 HRSA recipients with individual and group FTA.

DFI provides FTA to strengthen an organization's financial management systems to efficiently and effectively manage and report on HRSA awards. Through FTA, DFI shares compliance requirements and best practices with recipients to help improve weaknesses in internal controls and avoid audit findings.

What does this mean for you?

If your organization has new staff or you would like a refresher on the requirements for fiscal grants compliance, FTA would benefit you. DFI offers individual and group virtual FTA sessions. We will tailor areas of FTA to your organization’s needs. FTA topics include:

  • Reporting and record keeping
  • Cash Management
  • Program Income
  • Allowable and Unallowable Costs
  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Subrecipient Monitoring
  • Budget Management
  • Time and Effort Reporting
  • Delinquent Single Audits

For more information or to ask about FTA for your organization, contact HRSA’s DFI FTA team at

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2020