Native Hawaiian Health Centers


Native Hawaiian Health Centers receive Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems Program funding (through the HRSA Health Center Program appropriation) to provide medical and enabling services to Native Hawaiians.

Native Hawaiian Health Centers improve the health status of Native Hawaiians by providing access to health education, health promotion, and disease prevention services. Services provided include nutrition programs, screening and control of hypertension and diabetes, immunizations, and basic primary care services.

The program is authorized by the Native Hawaiian Health Care Act of 1988 (42 USCS§11701).


  1. Check if your site is already registered. Search the covered 340B OPAIS to make sure you are not already registered.
  2. Be aware of the latest registration dates and deadlines. The current registration periods are listed on the top right corner of this page, along with a link to the 340B OPAIS and registration forms. The registration forms are open only during the registration periods.
  3. Collect needed information. You will need to supply your Medicaid billing number or National Provider Identifier (if you will be billing Medicaid for drugs purchased at 340B prices) and grant number, as well as basic information such as your mailing address and a point of contact.
  4. Check if the site is active in the Electronic Handbook. Check the Electronic Handbook to ensure that the site you want to register is listed as "Active" on Form 5B of the electronic handbook. If site is not active on form 5B, the site is not eligible to register. Contact your project officer to facilitate the site moving to "Active" Status..
  5. Identify your Authorizing Official. Only an individual who can bind the organization to a contract, such as a CEO, COO, CFO, or program manager can submit the 340B online registration, although you can designate another employee (not consultant or contractor) must be designated as the primary contact.
  6. Prepare to complete in one session. The authorizing official must complete the online registration in one session. If left inactive, the session will close and you will need to start over.

Once approved, an email will be sent to the address provided on your registration. The message will confirm your successful enrollment in the 340B program and will include the date on which you can begin purchasing 340B discounted drugs and the 340B identification number that manufacturers, wholesalers, and others will use to verify your participation in the 340B program.

Date Last Reviewed:  March 2018