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Open Office - 340B Program Integrity and Contract Pharmacy Oversight (10/8/14)

340B Program Integrity and Contract Pharmacy Oversight (09/24/14)

Open Office – Self-Auditing to Avoid Duplicate Discount in the 340B Program (09/18/14)

Self-Auditing to Avoid Duplicate Discount in the 340B Program (08/27/14)

Integrating Integrity and Compliance into Contract Pharmacy Services (07/23/14)

What to Consider Before Joining and Maintaining a Compliant 340B Program in a Community Health (06/25/14)

Successful Strategies for Monitoring the Performance of Data Intermediary Vendors in 340B Hospital Setting (05/28/14)

Developing and Maintaining Auditable Records in the Context of 340B Statute, Policy and Guidance (05/14/2014)

Drug Procurement Strategies in a 340B Practice Environment (04/23/2014)

From Paper to Reality: Operationalizing 340B Policies and Procedures (04/09/2014)

The Making of a Leading Practice Site in the HRSA/OPA Peer to Peer Program- An Insider's View (03/12/2014)

340B Program Integrity and the Duplicate Discount Prohibition (02/26/2014)

340B Nuts and Bolts: Tools and Tips for Ensuring Program Integrity (02/12/2014)


Hospital Outpatient Clinics: 340B Road Maps and Road Blocks (12/18/2013)

Using PDSA for 340B Optimization (12/11/2013)

Outside the Pharmacy Box: Leveraging your Pharmacist Expertise to Improve Quality and Contain Costs (11/20/2013)

340B Program to the Rescue : Improving Patient Access and Program Goals (11/13/2013)

340B Patient Eligibility: Case Studies for Hospitals webinar (10/30/13)

Outpatient Pharmacy Report: A Program Performance Process (09/11/2013)

Accurately Tracking and Documenting 340B Inventor (08/28/2013)

Patient Eligibility: A Systems Approach (08/14/2013)

Corporate Leadership 'C-Suite' Perspectives (07/31/2013)

Using 340B Savings to Sustain Clinical Program  (06/26/2013)

340B Basics: Implementation Strategies (05/29/2013)

Integrity and Compliance through Engagement With State Medicaid (05/01/2013)

Successful Self-Audit Systems (03/27/2013)

Successful Self-Audit Systems (02/20/2013)


The 340B Prime Vendor Program, manager by Apexus: Pricing, information & Education (12/19/2012)

Joining and Utilizing the 340B Peer-to-Peer Program (11/28/2012)

340B Basics to Ensure Integrity (10/24/2012)

Comprehensive Pharmacy Program (09/26/2012)

340B and the 'C-Suite': What leadership should know about 340B (08/22/2012)

Audits: Understanding the Process and Preparing Your Pharmacy (07/25/2012)

Contract Pharmacy Implementation and Integrity Solutions (05/24/2012)

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017

Program Integrity

340B Drug Pricing Program covered entities must ensure program integrity and maintain accurate records documenting compliance with all 340B Program requirements.

Covered entities are subject to audit by manufacturers or the federal government. Failure to comply may make the 340B covered entity liable to manufacturers for refunds of discounts obtained.

Learn more: Program Integrity

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