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A Healthy Mouth for Every Body Campaign Toolkit

The A Healthy Mouth for Every Body oral health literacy campaign offers tools to help people learn how to take good care of their oral health and how it is connected to overall health and wellbeing.

Use these free materials—radio public service announcements (PSAs), social media images and posts, fact sheets, and more—for talking with others about oral health.

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Radio PSAs

Share these public service announcements with local radio stations or podcasts.

PSA recording and live-read script

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Social media graphics

Share these graphics online or through your social media channels.

Social media graphics

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Social media posts

Share these ready-to-use posts on your social media channels.


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Download or share these posters.


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Drop-in content

Add sample content to emails, newsletters, and other outreach.

General public
Health care providers

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Educational materials

Share these educational materials about how to care for your oral health across the lifespan, from infancy through old age.

Educational materials

Watch this webinar to learn about opportunities to share and integrate oral health materials into your health education efforts.

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