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What We Do

HRSA provides equitable health care to the nation’s highest-need communities. We work with Tribal governments and organizations. Our programs strive to improve access to health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives. We help connect Tribal entities to HRSA programs.

We formed the Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) that is composed of elected Tribal officials from all Indian Health Service (IHS) areas. The TAC provides guidance on policies and activities that impact Tribal entities.

How have we made an impact in Tribal communities? 

In Fiscal Year 2023, we:

Which HRSA programs support access to health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives?

Our programs strive to include Tribal perspectives and connect Tribal communities to opportunities that meet their needs. For example, we:

How can Tribes and Tribal organizations learn about funding opportunities at HRSA?

Visit our Find Grant Funding page to browse opportunities at HRSA. We pre-populated the search box with a keyword related to Tribes to help you find funding. 

How can Tribes and Tribal organizations connect with HRSA?

Tribes and Tribal organizations can:

Contact us

Email HRSA IEA’s Tribal Affairs team.

Email Dr. Juliana Blome, Tribal Affairs Director.

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