HRSA Awards over $12.7 Million to Programs Enhancing Health Care Delivery to Rural Underserved Populations

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
April 20

Today, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced more than $12.7 million in funding to 61 public, private and non-profit entities across 35 states to serve rural communities and address rural health disparities as part of its community-based Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program (Outreach Program).

The Outreach Program expands and improves health services for rural residents by supporting innovative and evidence-based approaches tailored to the specific needs of local communities.

For the first time, funds will go toward supporting the Healthy Rural Hometown Initiative (HRHI) to address underlying factors that drive rural health disparities related to the five leading causes of avoidable death (heart disease, cancer, unintentional injury, chronic lower respiratory disease, and stroke).

"HRSA is dedicated to supporting community-focused approaches to improve health care in rural and underserved areas," said Acting HRSA Administrator Diana Espinosa. "Through strong partnerships with local organizations, the Outreach Program will improve the health of the nation’s underserved and vulnerable rural populations and expand access to comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary health care services."

HRSA's Federal Office of Rural Health Policy administers the Outreach Program. The first track of the program awarded over $8,980,000 to 45 recipients to collaborate with local health care and social service organizations to deliver health services to underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged rural residents. Services will focus on social determinants of health, chronic disease management and prevention, care coordination, telehealth, dental care, and behavioral health, among other areas.

On the second track of the Outreach Program, HRSA awarded over $3,790,000 to 16 award recipients through the program's HRHI. HRHI recognizes the link between rural health disparities and the five leading causes of avoidable death, including among rural racial and ethnic minority populations. "The Outreach program focuses on the underlying factors that drive rural health disparities," said HRSA Associate Administrator for the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Tom Morris. "Through this work, we have another opportunity to promote cost effective and equitable approaches, developed through collaboration and strong community partnerships, to improve health for rural Americans."

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Date Last Reviewed:  April 2021