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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
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How to Apply For A Grant

Effective December 31, 2017 - All grant applicants must use the Workspace to complete the workspace forms and submit their application workspace package. After this date, applicants will no longer be able to use PDF Application Packages.

It Could Be 4 Weeks Before You Can Apply

You must register in three places: 1) DUNS, 2) SAM & 3)

If you have not yet registered with DUNS, SAM or and you start your three registrations TODAY, you may not be able to submit your grant application until:

Today's date plus 28 days

Please allow extra time for holidays that occur during your registration process or other unexpected delays.

By awarding grants and cooperative agreements, we aim to increase access to health care. We promote competition, encourage eligible organizations to apply, and help applicants succeed. 

We expect to make new awards from over 90 grant programs in the following categories: 

  • Health Center Programs for community-based health care organizations that provide primary care in underserved areas 
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programs for eligible states and metropolitan areas, as well as providers of HIV/AIDS health care services 
  • Maternal and Child Health Programs for states and providers of maternal and child health services, including services for children with special health care needs and MCH training and research 
  • Health Professions Training Programs for colleges, universities and other accredited health professions training programs 
  • Rural Health Programs for critical access hospitals and other health care providers in rural areas 
  • Organ Donation Programs for Organ Procurement Organizations and other organizations involved in organ donation, procurement and transplantation 
  • Poison Control Centers 

Take your first step towards applying for a grant.

Remember to keep your SAM Registration Active. Click for more info

HRSA Programs: Overview

Learn about our vision, mission and programs:

HRSA 101: Technical Assistance Workshop Webinar

HRSA's strategic goals and programs (PDF - 1.3 MB)

Application Basics

Organizations, not individuals, are eligible to apply. Completing a grant application can take 40 hours or more. Be sure to avoid common mistakes that stop an application before it is even reviewed. 

First step: Register

Are You an Eligible Organization?

Submit Your Application Before the Deadline

Understand the Grant Process: Pre-Award, Post-Award and Closeout (PDF - 296 KB) | recorded webcast

How to Apply - Top 10 Tips for Applicants

"Debunk the Myths" about grant application -- animated video series

Dictionary of Grant Terms Application Help (FAQs & troubleshooting tips)

Writing a Responsive Application (PDF - 2 MB)