Apply for a Grant

Announcements has instituted new requirements to their registration and renewal practices due to fraudulent activity identified in their system. Learn more about these requirements.

Use the Workspace to complete the workspace forms and submit your application workspace package. You may no longer use PDF application packages.

We want to help you navigate the grant application process. Completing a grant application can take 40 hours or more. We promote competition and encourage eligible organizations to apply.

By awarding grants and cooperative agreements, we aim to increase access to health care.

What must you do before you can apply?

You must register in three places:

  1. DUNS
  2. SAM

You cannot apply for a HRSA grant until all three registrations are complete.
NOTE: It can take up to ONE MONTH to complete all three registrations. Be mindful of holidays and/or unexpected delays during the registration process.

Go to Register & Get Ready to learn about the steps that you need to take to register in all three places.

How do you prepare your application?

Use our application guides, which we created to help you prepare and submit your application.

Access more information about our SF-424 guides.

While these guides give you general HRSA information as it relates to the application process, they do not include specific guidance for the opportunity to which you are applying. You must refer to the specific Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for specific instructions.

Additionally, you should always review HHS’s Grants Policy Statement (PDF – 1.1 MB), which serves as your comprehensive source of grant information.

For which programs do we offer awards?

We make awards from over 90 grant programs in the following categories:

  • Health Center Programs for community-based health care organizations that provide primary care in underserved areas
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programs for eligible states and metropolitan areas, as well as providers of HIV/AIDS healthcare services
  • Maternal and Child Health Programs for states and providers of maternal and child health services, including services for children and youth with special healthcare needs and MCH training and research
  • Health Workforce Programs for colleges, universities and other accredited health professions training programs
  • Rural Health Programs for critical access hospitals and other health care providers in rural areas
  • Organ Donation Programs for Organ Procurement Organizations and other organizations involved in organ donation, procurement and transplantation
  • Poison Control Centers
Date Last Reviewed:  February 2019