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National Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Clinical Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The National Hansen’s Disease Program (NHDP) located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the only facility in the United States devoted to diagnosis, treatment, and research concerning Hansen’s Disease (HD).

To make an appointment or to speak with a Hansen's disease specialist, call 1-800-642-2477 weekdays 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET or email


  • Free consultations for physicians treating complicated cases of Hansen’s disease, including referrals for reconstructive hand or foot surgery.  
  • Free pathologic review of skin biopsy and consultation concerning molecular techniques for identification of M. leprae.
  • Antibiotics for leprosy treatment shipped to physicians at no cost to patients.
  • Free educational materials for healthcare professionals and patients to improve understanding of the disease, and to prevent injury and disability.  
  • Surgical Care and Rehabilitation for those referred for complicated (digit or limb threatening) wounds or reconstruction of correctable deformity resulting from Hansen’s disease.


Date Last Reviewed:  July 2020

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National Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Program - Caring & Curing Since 1894

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