Training for Health Professionals

Comprehensive Management of the Neuropathic Foot

This course combines classroom instruction and hands-on techniques for a comprehensive approach to managing the insensitive foot.

Dates: April 17 – 19, 2024, and September 25 – 27, 2024

Cost: None

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Training Facility Location:

9181 Interline Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Call: 1-800-642-2477 (toll-free) | 225-756-3761
Fax: 225-756-3760
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Approximately 15 miles from the Baton Rouge airport. And 65 miles from the New Orleans airport.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Hansen's Disease in the United States

This hybrid training will improve health care providers' understanding of the unique characteristics and current concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of Hansen’s disease (leprosy). AGENDA TO FOLLOW

Date: November 7 – 8, 2024

Cost: None

Sponsored by:

National Hansen's Disease Program
9181 Interline Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: 225-756-3761
For more information:

Treatment of the Neuropathic Foot Online Course

The well-known seminar entitled, “The Carville Approach to Management of the Neuropathic Foot” has been modified as an online course. The material presented includes principles and protocols that are time tested and proven effective for prevention of amputation in the neuropathic lower extremity. This course will enable the health care provider to assess and treat the neuropathic foot and evaluate protocols (or treatment options) designed to reduce injuries and amputations associated with lower extremity neuropathy.

Cost: No Fee

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Single Day Seminars

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

For nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, and other allied health specialists.

Contact Mickey Templet for a schedule of upcoming seminars, a brochure, and registration form.

Observational Training

What is observational training?

An opportunity for those working, or planning to work as, professional Hansen's disease (leprosy) personnel to learn current concepts in the management of Hansen's disease (leprosy). 

Typically, we offer highly specialized training in clinical aspects, rehabilitation methods, or clinical laboratory methods.

Is there a curriculum?

We don't provide a prescribed curriculum. We tailor training to provide an appropriate learning experience for each individual we accept to the program.

Who can take the training?

Generally, we accept practicing professionals in medicine or science. We recommend you begin by attending one of the two-day medical seminars above.

When do we offer it?

We offer observational training throughout the year. Training may last several days to one month, depending on individual needs.

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