The "Carville" Sandal

The sandal is an ideal interim device for use after a plantar wound has healed. Our protocol for wound healing includes a slow return to footwear after wound closure in a cast or splint. If not initially fabricated for wound healing, a splint is fabricated after wound closure and is used as a protective device which can be removed to allow for slow, progressive ambulation in the sandal or footwear. All patients with a loss of protective plantar sensation and a recently healed plantar ulcerations are instructed to use their custom made sandals for progressive in-house ambulation and for use in the shower or bath. We advise patients to consider a shower chair for safety.

The sandal is very easy to don and very comfortable for patients. Patients are advised to limit the use of sandals to their household once permanent footwear has been provided. The sandals provide excellent protection, but cannot withstand the rigors of constant outdoor use and unlevel terrain.

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