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Vulnerable Rural Hospitals Assistance Program (VRHAP)

VRHAP targets hospitals that are at risk of closing. Since 2018, we’ve helped 150 rural hospitals across 38 states and the Northern Mariana Islands.

How does VRHAP help rural hospitals?

VRHAP helps rural hospitals maintain healthcare services. We offer free technical assistance to hospitals who participate. The Center for Optimizing Rural Health (CORH) provides this technical assistance.

VRHAP works with hospitals and their communities to:

  • Understand community health needs
  • Address community priorities
  • Ensure they can keep health care
  • Address their unique economic challenges

How might VRHAP help hospitals solve issues?

  • Determine health care options that meet the community need
  • Identify ways to save money
  • Advise on grant writing courses
  • Teach hospitals how to market themselves

How does VRHAP help hospitals through technical assistance?

Each year, we help five hospitals on-site. This may include:

  • A complete needs assessment
  • Change-management strategies
  • Mentoring

Each year, we help 25 hospitals remotely. This may include:

  • A mentored intervention group
  • Webinars
  • Peer-to-peer learning discussions

Note: Your hospital can apply for on-site help the following year.

All hospitals can access technical assistance through the CORH's Toolbox.

Can my facility participate?

VRHAP is open to hospitals nationwide. This includes

  • Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs)
  • Rural Prospective Payment System (PPS) hospitals
  • Hospitals operated by tribes and tribal organizations under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act

How can I apply for technical assistance?

VRHAP accepts applications from hospitals each year starting in June. Technical assistance begins in September.

Contact Us

Jeanene Meyers
VRHAP Program Coordinator
Phone: 301-443-2482

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