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Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP)-Implementation serves rural areas. It improves services for substance use disorder (SUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD).

How much funding do grantees receive?

Grantees receive up to $1 million each. They use it to develop or expand services in rural areas for SUD and OUD. They can create new programs or improve existing services.

What programs do grantees create or improve?

Prevention, treatment, and recovery services for SUD and OUD. Programs support the Department of Health and Human Service's Overdose Prevention Strategy.

How long do grantees receive funding?

The project is three years. Grantees develop plans to sustain services once federal funding ends.

Can I apply for funding?

This program is not accepting applications.

Who are the previous grantees?

Where can I find help?

How can I contact you?

Please contact us by email at

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