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National Rural Health Day Resources

We celebrate National Rural Health Day on the third Thursday of November.

Last year’s theme was "Advancing Behavioral Health Equity in Rural Communities." We highlighted innovative ways that rural communities address behavioral health challenges and expand access to behavioral health care services for those who need them the most.

We also heard from HHS agencies on their work to strengthen the rural health workforce and improve rural Americans' access to vital mental health and substance use disorder services.

National Rural Health Day Events

Why Do We Celebrate National Rural Health Day?

National Rural Health Day is an opportunity to celebrate the “power of rural.” We use this day to highlight the unique healthcare challenges that rural citizens face. We showcase the efforts healthcare providers, State Offices of Rural Health, and other stakeholders take to address health care disparities in rural communities.

We highlight the healthcare challenges for people who live in rural areas. Then, we show how our programs and policies address these challenges.

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