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Previous National Rural Health Day Events

HRSA Bureau/Office Events

Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Look at the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (PDF - 376 KB)

Presented by: HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)

Learn about how HAB supports rural health initiatives.


  • Innovative models of care
  • Improving access and retention in high quality care
  • Expanding the HIV workforce, enhancing telemedicine
  • Delivering optimal care and treatment for people with HIV/AIDS


Understanding Addiction in Rural America (PDF - 259 KB)

Presented by: FORHP

A 30-minute film on people with opioid use disorder in Gunnison County, Colorado. Listen to a discussion with three subject-matter experts, including the HRSA grantee who created the film.


NRHD Welcome Remarks

HHS leaders celebrate the 10th annual National Rural Health Day.

HHS Secretary Azar's Welcoming Remarks

Rural Responds to COVID–19 (PDF - 333 KB)

Presented by: FORHP

Three FORHP grant recipients talk about improving care during the COVID-19 public health emergency.


HRSA Partner Events

Rural Health Clinics Increase Access to COVID-19 Testing

Presented by:

National Association of Rural Health Clinics

National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health, and the

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy

Learn how rural providers made COVID-19 testing available in their communities.

Transcript and Slides for Rural Health Clinics Increase Access to COVID-19 Testing Webinar


Understanding the Ground: Social Determinants of Health in Rural Populations

Presented by: Jan Probst, PhD, Professor Emerita, Rural and Minority Health Research Center

Learn about the key elements that determine health across rural populations. These include education, race, income, and access.


Mortality in Rural Areas: Insights from National Research and Community-Based Initiatives

Presented by: CDC National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and Rural Health Information Hub (RHI)

Highlights of ongoing work by the NCHS. Learn about:

  • Differences in mortality, suicide, alcohol-induced deaths
  • Motor vehicle traffic deaths
  • Drug overdose deaths in urban and rural populations

How We Served Rural Communities

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