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Evaluating Genetic and Genomic Medicine Implementation and Outcomes in the Regional Genetics Networks (EGGMIO-RGN)

About the program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-21-110
Dates to Apply: 04/22/2021 to 06/07/2021
Bureau/Office: Maternal & Child Health Bureau
Status: Closed
Estimated Award Date: 06/08/2021
This notice announces the opportunity to apply for supplemental funding under the Regional Genetics Networks (RGN) program (HRSA-20-046). The purpose of this Evaluating Genetic and Genomic Medicine Implementation and Outcomes in the Regional Genetics Network (EGGMIO-RGN) project is to evaluate the implementation and outcomes of selected RGN program activities aimed to improve access to services for individuals with, or at risk for, genetic or genomic conditions1 and their families, especially those among underserved populations. This evaluation will be used to inform the RGN recipients and the field of genetic and genomic medicine with best practices and strategies to implement genetic and genomic advances into clinical and public health. HRSA will fund up to three awards, and each RGN recipient will plan and conduct a focused, rigorous evaluation of implementation and/or outcomes of one or more of their program activities to study their utility, applicability, and effectiveness. The evaluation should focus on one or more strategies the RGN is implementing to meet the goals of the RGN program and not a new activity. Example topics of interest include, but are not limited to, evaluating: • Strategies to outreach and engage primary care providers and non-geneticists to provide additional resources, education, or training to improve their ability to use genomics for the care of their patients. • Perceived clinical utility by providers or individuals and families of RGN-developed genetic or genomic resource(s) throughout the lifecycle of diagnosis, treatment, and management. • Implementation and clinical outcomes of RGN-supported genetic or genomic services offered through nontraditional modalities, such as telehealth. • Applicability of RGN developed resources or strategies across regions and subsequent dissemination of lessons learned across the regions. Examples include adaptation of a strategy through multi-RGN collaboration to address unmet needs common across regions or expanding implementation of the strategy to multiple regions. • Impact of integrating the latest scientific evidence relevant to the genetic or genomic condition to improve the utility, applicability and/or effectiveness of the RGN program activity.

Who can apply

Eligible applicants are current recipients who are currently receiving funding under HRSA-20-046 Regional Genetics Network program.

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Soohyun Kim
(301) 594-4202

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