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Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) Program

About the program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-22-139
Dates to Apply: 01/31/2022 to 03/31/2022
Bureau/Office: Bureau of Health Workforce
Status: Closed
Estimated Award Date: 07/01/2022
The purpose of the THCGME Program is to support the training of residents in primary care residency training programs in community-based ambulatory patient care centers. Programs will prepare residents to provide high quality care, particularly in rural and underserved communities, and develop competencies to serve these diverse populations and communities. Two award types are available: 1. Expansion awards for an expanded number of resident Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) positions at existing HRSA THCGME Programs. 2. New awards to support new resident FTE positions at new Teaching Health Centers (THCs), as funding permits. New THCs are those applicants for residency programs that have never received payment under the HRSA THCGME Program for the applicable residency program in any previous fiscal year (FY). All applicants that meet eligibility criteria, including those that applied through the FY 2022 THCGME NOFO (HRSA-22-105), may apply through this announcement for resident FTE positions as the baseline requirements has been adjusted for consideration of funding under this NOFO have changed and applicants may be eligible to receive funding for additional resident FTEs. Applicants that did not receive an award under announcement HRSA-22-105 may also apply through this announcement. Refer to the Program Objectives (to hyperlink) section on page 2 for details. Awards made through this announcement may be utilized to support the costs associated with resident FTE training only. THCGME Program funds may not be used for residency program development (e.g., the costs associated with accreditation).

Who can apply

Eligible applicants must meet all of the criteria listed in the NOFO in order to be considered eligible for THCGME funding. Applicants that fail to meet any eligibility criteria will not be considered for funding under this announcement.

Contact us

Kristin Gordon
(301) 443-0337

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