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Screening and Treatment for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

About the program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-23-085
Dates to Apply: 04/03/2023 to 06/02/2023
Bureau/Office: Maternal & Child Health Bureau
Status: Closed
Estimated Award Date: 09/30/2023
This notice announces the opportunity to apply for funding under the FY 2023 Screening and Treatment for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (MMHSUD) program. The purpose of this program is to expand health care providers’ capacity to screen, assess, treat, and refer pregnant and postpartum people for maternal mental health and substance use disorders. This will be accomplished by establishing, improving, and/or maintaining statewide or regional1 networks that provide real-time psychiatric consultation, care coordination support services, and culturally and linguistically appropriate training to maternity care providers and clinical practices. This program is also intended to help reduce maternal health inequities. For more details, see Program Requirements and Expectations. The program’s long-term goals are to: • Increase routine behavioral health screening for pregnant and postpartum persons; • Increase routine detection, assessment, brief intervention, treatment, and referral of maternal mental health conditions through the use of evidence-based practices; and, • Increase access to treatment and recovery support services for pregnant and postpartum persons that are culturally and linguistically appropriate (e.g., translation of materials), community-based, that may be provided in-person or via telehealth. The program objectives to be accomplished during the period of performance to support program goals, are included below. Recipients will collect and report baseline data by the end of Year 1, and subsequently achieve by the conclusion of the performance period in 2028, the following objectives: • Increase the number of providers using the program for real-time psychiatric consultations and/or care coordination support services (including referrals). • Increase the number of providers trained on maternal mental health and substance use disorders, including screening, assessment, treatment, and follow-up recovery support services. • Increase the number of provider trainings that incorporate equity and respectful, culturally responsive, and congruent care. • Increase the number of community-based mental health, substance use disorder treatment, and recovery support service providers in the project’s referral database. For additional details on the program requirements and expectations to support and monitor the program goals and objectives, see Program Requirements and Expectations. Additional information about program measures and data can be found in the Reporting section.

Who can apply

Eligible applicants are States, Indian Tribes, and Tribal organizations (as such terms are defined in section 4 of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act) (25 U.S.C. § 5304)).

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M. Sonsy Fermin, MSW, LICSW
(301) 443-1504

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