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Congressionally Directed Spending for Construction Projects

About the program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-23-135
Dates to Apply: 07/05/2023 to 07/06/2023
Bureau/Office: Bureau of Primary Health Care
Status: Closed
Estimated Award Date: 09/01/2023
This is a non-competitive announcement for Community Project Funding/Congressionally Directed Spending (CPF/CDS) Facilities and/or Equipment (“Construction”) Projects that will be funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Office of Federal Assistance Management (OFAM). This document provides guidance on how to submit an application to receive CPF/CDS funding. General information is provided about the projects, including funding amounts, limitations, administrative and national policy requirements, and other important information. Funding is limited to the named entities and for the purposes identified in the  Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (P.L. 117-328). Applications may be submitted for: o Construction and Modernization projects with or without equipment o “Design-Only” (i.e., planning portion of a construction project) o Moveable Equipment only

Who can apply

Eligible entities are those organizations identified by Congress to receive specific amounts of funding for specific construction-related projects under the  Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (P.L. 117-328). 

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Julia Bryan
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