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Find Grant Funding

Help us serve communities and people who need it most. 

This includes people:

  • With low incomes
  • With HIV
  • Who are pregnant
  • Who live in rural areas and other communities in need
  • Who received a transplant 

Our programs also support the health workforce, health systems, and facilities. They provide care for these communities.

We do this by awarding grants to:

  • States and territories
  • Tribes
  • Educational and community groups 

What’s a grant? 

A grant is federal money for ideas and projects that benefit the public. 

Who can get a grant?

We award grants to organizations. These could be local or state governments. Our grants help them solve critical needs in their community.

What needs are critical?

A few examples:

  • Expanding the health workforce
  • Increasing access to affordable and quality health care
  • More options for telehealth 
  • HIV medical care, medications, and support services

How do I get a grant?

Search for an open opportunity. If you’re eligible, prepare and then apply


We list Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT), Office of Global Health (OGH), and Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (OIEA) funding opportunities under the Office of the Administrator.

Select Office of the Administrator in the Bureau/Office drop-down list.

Search Grant Funding Opportunities

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