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FY 2020 CARES Act Awards

Telehealth Resource Centers

Organization State Award Amount
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Inc. Alaska $828,571
University of Arizona Arizona $828,571
University of Arkansas System Arkansas $828,571
California Telehealth Network California $828,571
Public Health Institute California $828,571
Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, Inc. Georgia $828,571
University of Hawaii Systems Hawaii $828,571
Indiana Rural Health Association Indiana $828,571
University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. Kansas $828,571
Medical Care Development, Inc. Maine $828,571
Regents of the University of Minnesota Minnesota $828,571
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Texas $828,571
University of Utah Utah $828,571
Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia Virginia $828,571

Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program

Organization State Award Amount
Alabama State Department of Public Health Alabama $3,456,997
Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Alaska $1,349,072
University of Arizona Arizona $1,349,072
Arkansas Department of Health Arkansas $2,866,778
Department of Health Care Services California $4,215,850
Colorado Rural Health Center Colorado $3,288,363
Florida Department of Health Florida $1,517,706
Georgia Department of Community Health Georgia $4,890,386
Hawaii Department of Health Hawaii $843,170
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Idaho $2,276,559
Illinois Department of Public Health Illinois $5,564,922
Indiana State Department of Health Indiana $3,204,046
Iowa Department of Public Health Iowa $7,588,530
Kansas Department of Health and Environment Kansas $7,672,847
University of Kentucky Kentucky $3,878,582
Louisiana Department of Health Louisiana $4,047,216
Maine Department of Health And Human Services Maine $1,602,023
Maryland Department of Public Health Maryland $84,317
Massachusetts Dept of Public Health Massachusetts $505,902
Michigan Center for Rural Health Michigan $5,059,020
Minnesota Department of Health Minnesota $7,251,262
Mississippi State Department of Health Mississippi $4,047,216
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Missouri $4,131,533
Montana State University, Inc Montana $4,047,216
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Nebraska $5,396,288
Nevada System of Higher Education Nevada $1,096,121
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services New Hampshire $1,096,121
New Mexico Department of Health New Mexico $1,349,072
Health Research, Inc. New York $1,770,657
North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services North Carolina $2,613,827
University of North Dakota North Dakota $3,035,412
Ohio Department of Health Ohio $3,119,729
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma $5,143,337
Oregon Health & Science University Oregon $2,698,144
The Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania $2,276,559
South Carolina Office of Rural Health South Carolina $1,180,438
South Dakota Department of Health South Dakota $3,456,997
Tennessee Department of Health Tennessee $3,204,046
Texas Department of Agriculture Texas $11,129,844
Utah Department of Public Health Utah $1,770,657
Vermont Agency of Human Services Vermont $758,853
Virginia Department of Health Virginia $1,854,974
Washington State Department of Public Health Washington $3,709,948
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources West Virginia $1,854,974
University of Wisconsin System Wisconsin $5,396,288
Wyoming Department of Health Wyoming $2,023,608
Date Last Reviewed:  April 2020