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Delta Region Community Health Systems Development Program (DRCHSD)

We work with the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) to improve healthcare in the Mississippi Delta region.

How does our program work?

We offer free technical assistance to those who participate. The National Rural Health Resource Center provides this technical assistance.

What technical assistance do we provide?

Our technical assistance helps you improve the health of people who live in your community. This includes:

  • Delivering quality health care
  • Improving performance
  • Using telehealth services
  • Coordinating care
  • Strengthening the local health care system
  • Providing social services
  • Improving emergency medical services
  • Recruiting and retaining healthcare workforce

What impact has DRCHSD had on the Delta region?

In 2023:

  • 83% of hospitals improved financial performance.
  • 100% of hospitals improved quality of care.
  • 100% of hospitals reduced medical errors.
  • 10 new telehealth service lines were added to fill gaps in local health care.
  • Over $1 million invested to enhance telehealth equipment and systems in rural hospitals and clinics.

Can my healthcare facility participate?

This program is open to providers in the 252 parishes and counties of the Mississippi Delta region.

Providers include:

  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Small rural hospitals
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Tribal healthcare facilities
  • Other healthcare organizations

When can I apply to DRCHSD?

You can apply to DRCHSD at any time. Technical assistance services begin each winter.

Contact us

Suzanne Snyder
DRCHSD Program Coordinator
Phone: 301-443-0178

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