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Rural Public Health Workforce Training Network Program

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) awarded over $47.2 million in American Rescue Plan funding through the Rural Public Health Workforce Training Network (RPHWTN) Program. The program expands health services capacity by supporting public health job development, training, and placement in rural and tribal communities. 

Why Did We Create the RPHWTN Program?

Many rural areas do not have adequate workforce supply to meet their health care needs. Over the next decade, it is projected that the demand for allied health workers, for example, will continue to increase, which will necessitate a workforce that is trained and prepared to meet these needs.

By 2030, the following demand is projected for allied health workers: 

  • 11% increase in demand for CHWs (to 67,560)
  • 17% increase in demand for EMTs and paramedics (to 305,770)
  • 30% increase in demand for respiratory therapists (to 144,100)

For more information on future supply and demand of allied health workers, please visit HRSA’s Bureau of Health Workforce.

This lack of access plays a key role in the growing health inequities that contribute to an increase in disease and death rates among minority populations in rural communities. 

Increasing rural workforce capacity and improving job quality to address recruiting and retention is one strategy to bridge this gap.

What Does the RPHWTN Program Do?

The RPHWTN Program connects different sectors to leverage their collective strengths to target four key critical workforce training tracks.

  • Community Health Support
  • Health IT and/or Telehealth Technical Support
  • Community Para-Medicine
  • Case Management Staff and/or Respiratory Therapists

To support the COVID-19 response, this program trains a range of health care workers to fill in-demand professions affected by the pandemic.

The RPHWTN awardees will have the opportunity to work closely with technical assistance (TA) providers throughout the three-year period of performance. The target TA will assist award recipients with achieving desired project outcomes, sustainability and strategic planning, and will ensure alignment of the awarded project with the RPHWTN program goals.


The Rural Public Health Workforce Training Network Technical Assistance Program (RPHWTN-TAP) is a three-year cooperative agreement awarded to the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC). This program will provide nationwide technical assistance (TA) to help strengthen the ability for RPHWTN rural health care networks to develop formal training and certification programs in the four workforce training tracks listed above. TA provider activities will include developing and disseminating evidence-based resources, best practice models, communication strategies, tools, and information for adaptation by the (32) RPHWTN program award to support the expansion of public health workforce capacity in rural areas.

For further information visit the RPHWTN  Technical Assistance Program

What Awardees and Networks Are in the RPHWTN Program?

In 2022, FORHP awarded 32 public, private, and non-profit entities for this three-year program. To view a list of the FY22 awardees, please visit the RPHWTN Program awardee page

Learn More About the RPHWTN Program

Please visit to learn more about the RPHWTN Program and access to the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

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Contact Us

Patricia Burbano
RPHWTN Program Coordinator
Phone: 301-443-7238

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