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Delta Region Maternal Care Coordination Program

About the program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-24-120
Dates to Apply: 06/25/2024 to 08/02/2024
Bureau/Office: Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
Status: Open
Estimated Award Date: 09/30/2024
This notice announces the opportunity to apply for funding under the Delta Region Maternal Care Coordination Program (Delta MCC). The purpose of this program is to improve and increase access to care for pregnant women and new mothers during and after pregnancy. To support this purpose, the objectives for the Delta MCC are to: 1. Use care coordination strategies to enhance and expand access to perinatal services in the Delta Region through a strong, diverse network of entities that represent the spectrum of care during and after pregnancy; 2. Utilize evidence-based, promising practices and/or value-based care model(s) in the planning and delivery of perinatal services; 3. Identify barriers to providing maternal health care in the region and strategies for addressing such barriers; and 4. Develop and implement deliberate and sustainable strategies of care coordination into policies, procedures, staffing, services, and communication systems (including but not limited to billing for appropriate services and partnering private and public payers). Applicants are encouraged to consider innovative strategies to meet the needs of and support pregnant women and new mothers. Some examples of activities that can be provided include: • Provide outreach and education to pregnant women and new mothers on healthy nutrition to reduce risk of hypertension • Provide screening and referral of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety including HRSAs Maternal Mental Health Hotline (1-833-TLC-MAMA) • Refer pregnant women and new mothers to online or local support groups • Recruitment of doula and midwifery services, community health workers, and/or maternal fetal specialist services • Support patient care through telehealth • Support travel costs, as necessary, of maternal health specialist to travel to pregnant woman • Provide education and social support for pregnant women through the development of centering pregnancy (group prenatal care) visits; • Provide resources and education to support in-home hypertension management and blood pressure self-monitoring and reporting; • Support mobile prenatal and postpartum care visits for pregnant women and new mothers; • Utilize development dyad models (mother and infant) to support combined postpartum and infant checkup visits; • Support childcare for pregnant women and new mothers during prenatal and postpartum care visits; Applicants are encouraged to consider innovative strategies. Applicants are encouraged to propose ways to achieve these goals through the establishment or continuation of collaborative networks/consortiums of providers and services who support pregnant women and new mothers through pregnancy and post-partum. The networks will focus on reducing risk factors for pregnant women during and after pregnancy through screening and referral to needed services and interventions. HRSA recommends your members consist of a broad array of organizations from both traditional and non-traditional health care entities. Network members may include cross-sector entities such as health care providers, key services for supporting infant and child health, quality program providers, and insurers. See Appendix B for examples of the types of network members. This program funding should be used to complement the work of other organizations and should not duplicate or supplant activities that are funded through other federal mechanisms. The Delta MCC is a four-year program with year one (September 30, 2024 – September 29, 2025) a planning year and years two, three, and four (September 30, 2025 – September 29, 2028) focused on program implementation. For more details, see Program Requirements and Expectations.

Who can apply

You can apply if your organization meets all three of the following criteria: 1. Your organization is in the United States and is: • Public or private, non-profit or for-profit 2. Your organization meets the following geographic requirements: • You are an organization physically located in the Delta Region • You are an organization with demonstrated experience serving, or the capacity to serve, rural underserved populations located within the Delta Region; and • Your organization proposes a project serving the rural Delta region. Applicants will be deemed non-responsive and will not be considered for this funding opportunity if the applicant: • Is located outside of the Delta Region; • Submits an application to serve populations outside of HRSA designated rural counties or rural census tracts in the Delta Region, and • Submits more than one application. For more details, see Program Requirements and Expectations.

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