Community-Based Workforce to Build COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

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Health Systems Bureau

Date(s) to Apply:
11/10/2021 to 12/10/2021

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What is the program?

The purpose of the program is to strengthen vaccine confidence, provide further information and education on the vaccines and improve rates of vaccination across the country. This program will mobilize community outreach workers, which includes community health workers, patient navigators and social support specialists to the most vulnerable and medically underserved communities, including racial and ethnic minority groups. Community outreach workers will educate, and assist individuals in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. This includes activities such as reaching out directly to community members to educate them about the vaccine, assisting individuals in making a vaccine appointment, providing resources (e.g. convenient vaccine locations, information for individuals impacted by COVID-19 and its long-term health effects), and assisting individuals with transportation or other needs to get to their vaccine appointments. Specifically, the program will aim to build vaccine confidence in order to get people vaccinated in a quick and efficient manner. HRSA will fund applicants that have demonstrated experience and expertise in implementing public health programs across broad geographic areas.

Are you eligible?

Eligible applicants include nonprofit private or public organizations with demonstrated experience in implementing public health programs. This includes Tribes and Tribal organizations as well.
Applicants should have demonstrated experience and expertise in implementing public health programs, including the experience, infrastructure, cultural competencies, and capacity to implement this program in the proposed service areas and target populations, as described in the Purpose (Section I.1), Project Narrative (Section IV.2ii), and Review Criteria (Section V.1).

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